We currently offer ovulation testing done with high tech reliable machine, here in Phoenix. Simple and handheld yet will save you vet bill. Progesterone testing is done by a vet, days into a female's heat to calculate best timing for breeding. Our ovulation tester will do the same job for less. Come ask about our pricing, we do packages for aritificial inseminations and we  also lock up dogs.

The ovulation tester
for dogs enables:

  • exclusion of multiple mating of the dam
  • identification of so called “false heat”
  • elimination of problems associated with disorders during heat
  • time saving
  • great reduction in financial costs of multiple mating

The Ovulation Detector for dogs has given favourably results in tests at the Obstetrics Department. of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Agriculture and Technology, Olsztyn, Poland.

The advantages of using the detector have also been confirmed by research carried out at the university in Giessen, Germany.

DOG OVULATION DETECTOR *AZ Bully Store and thier represantatives are not vets, years of breeding has given knowledge of the process. Results are not guaranteed*


 We provide AI (artificial inseminations) as well as natural tie services. Our knowledge comes from years of breeding with a success rate that few can claim. 
*AZ Bully Store and/or any of thier representatives are not vets. Our knowledge comes from experience. All services are left to the full discretion of the pet owner*

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